60s fashion in memory: The age of glory for freedom of dressing.

Undeniable that ’60s is one of the most powerful eras in fashion. With the development of modern tone settings, decades of revolutionary use of bold colors, distinctive designs and tailoring, therefore, the fashion identity of this era continues.


Influence designers, stylists and fashion lovers around the world. We will bring you to the unforgettable beauty of women in that era.


Various dress styles during the era The 60s is truly an important evolution of modern fashion for example: Mod Fashion, Beatnik Fashion or Hippie Fashion. Wearing a miniskirt with a colorful shirt, carrying a leather bag with compact shoes is one of the characteristics of fashion in this era.


Here there is an examples of the hippie fashion that is still in the memory of many people for everyone to learn about the origin of this fashion.


Hippie fashion was stemming from the rhythmic movement, the counterculture hippie defines the late ’60s. The group is known for its stubborn attitude towards repressive society and celebrating freedom, nature and peace.


Both male and female let their hair grow long and wild. They wear jeans, bells, flings, floral prints, peasant shirts and other colorful designs.

Wasn’t it peculiar that, as Europe continues to soft-pedal their own tech boom, several European designers sent tech tools down the runway? A pair of headphones, for example, seemed AirDropped from one show to another; even the most practical of accessories, like belts and handbags, are now equipped to carry your every device. At Salvatore Ferragamo and Fendi, belts included pockets that were the exact shape of your iPhone, your iPods, and say, an e-reader. (There were iPads in the pockets of backpacks at Margiela, too.) But this isn’t an advertising act. It’s not some millennial stratagem, nor is the quirk of clipping your iPhone to your thigh like a drop-leg holster some act of happy chance or contrivance. It is, however, a sign that designers are beefing up their accessories lines because, hey, that’s where the money is. Who cares if the government is always watching, and if this makes it even easier for them to do so? Fashion houses, too, know that practicality — at least these days — prevails. So, until the next system update, we say so long to fanny packs; the utility belt is back.

Is anything more thrilling than trying on a dress and realizing it has pockets? Glorious, glorious pockets you can stuff with various paraphernalia, making for a heavenly purse-free existence? Carolina Herrera, A.W.A.K.E, and Fendi are just some of the labels offering gigantic pockets that can fit a pair of sensible flats, say, to make your commute less hellish. These pockets aren’t a demure surprise either – they’re puffy, three-dimensional, and unapologetic. They appeared on jackets, skirts, pants, dresses, coats, and even blouses, which means you’ll probably encounter them sooner or later. Adios, purse dust — we never knew what to call you anyway. (Hello, pocket dust.)

I won't hide it, I'm kind of obsessed with Selena Gomez's style. These days it seems like anything Selena Gomez wears, I want to wear. Whether she's designing our dream pair of white sneakers or teaching us brand-new ways to wear leggings, you'll always find me duly taking notes of her cool off-duty outfit combinations. Lately, though, she's been testing out certain "ugly" trends I've long been on the fence about, and I have to say that the following Selena Gomez outfits are seriously selling me on the unconventional trends.