5 Tricks + 1 To Increase The Living Room Space

Furnishing Living room

small living room ideas

How to furnish a living room? More and more often you can find yourself having to furnish small living room or a room of small size.For this reason, our designers undertake daily research of solutions that intelligently exploit every space available.The stay is not excluded from these new dynamics and, indeed, enjoys continuous innovations in the direction of the optimum management of every type of environment.Article Small stay-open space with equipped wall. In This article we present 5 simple and useful moves to transform a small stay in a functional stay and a great aesthetic impact.


Why The living room?


living room design ideas

Why is the stay the environment on which it is right to put more attention and give more importance to increase the space of the entire house?

The living area is the heart of the house. The business card with which you introduce yourself and welcome guests, the environment where you spend most of the day.

The stay is the protagonist of our daily relaxation, it is the room used to welcome your guests and to gather the whole family.

The stay must be beautiful and at the same time must necessarily fulfill some useful and indispensable functions.

The house’s Crossroads at the aesthetic level: it often represents the starting point to create the style of furnishing and define the identity of the house.

At The same time, it will surely have to provide a comfortable sofa for the whole family: it is useful to contain and expose the objects you care about or want to put on display.

Also, in this room, you can often find yourself eating daily meals. Furnish Small living room: No limit thanks to Pensarecasa

The limits become opportunities with Pensarecasa that uses creativity and makes it available to everyone through intelligent furnishing proposals.

Our decorators approach each customer by finding and designing personalized furnishing solutions that meet every different need.


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Exploiting the natural versatility of our products we are able to design complete furnishing proposals that with style make functional even small rooms.

Furnish small living room-complete open space. The stay in Primes, the beating heart of the house, must meet increasingly demanding demands and needs in constant evolution.

The environment must create harmony and result in a pleasant and welcoming context where to spend time and accommodate people.

Take full Advantage of every inch available, use the creativity of the Pensarecasa proposals and enjoy your “new” stay.


sofa ideas for living room


1. Furnish living room with the sofa of your dreams

living room sofa

Every living room sees as main protagonist the couch.

The Limited size of our room must not represent obstacles to your desires of comfort and the taste with which you want to furnish your stay.

All Pensarecasa sofas are designed to be modular and can therefore be adapted to the space you have available, and you will be able to choose among many fabrics and finishes to personalize your sofa by coordinating it with the rest of the furnishings.

Depending on the model you can enrich your couch even with some optional absolutely functional.

It is precisely in these options that you will find great allies to design the sofa tailored for you.

Furnishing small living room-sofa front view Relax Function


modern living room ideas


Even This special option goes in the direction of making the seat even more comfortable and comfortable without having the obligation to insert in your sofa the module chaise longue.

Depending On the models you will have the possibility to increase the depth of the seat from 20 to 30 cm and then to have sat more support to the legs and to lay additional space to find the most comfortable position.


Furnishing small living room-sofa with removable seat

small living room ideas


Another absolutely innovative solution is linked to two different systems that will allow you to go to work on the backrest always with the aim of adding space and comfort to your sofa.

Also in this case we have some models of sofa that foresee the possibility to recline the backrest (even on the single seat) to find the preferred inclination.

Others, thanks to the advancing backrest, will allow you to change the depth of the seat making from time to time the most comfortable sofa for the sitting or reclining position.



Furnishing small living-sofa with reclining back

living room furniture ideas


Now you will see more clearly as, thanks to a personalized design on your needs, our decorators can really compose the sofa that will allow you to make the most of your spaces guaranteeing aesthetics and maximum functionality. Furnish small living room-sofa chaise longue


2. Sideboards and beliefs for a new interpretation of the small living room

living room design ideas

We like to turn problems into opportunities and in this case we assure you that the opportunity will be of sure effect.

If You also like less conventional solutions the use of sideboards and beliefs to furnish a living room will prove a choice of absolute aesthetic value able to increase the functional power.

These products allow greater freedom of positioning by combining reduced dimensions with a great versatility.

Arredare_soggiorno Small-Custom sideboards. Configure your space at will.


Even in the case of sideboards and beliefs our designers have worked in the direction of molecularity and rationalization.

You will Have a wide range of modules to compose the ideal solution to fit in your living room.

Depending on your space you will be able to orient the composition horizontally, characterizing it with the classic Mafia shapes, or vertically creating a modern cupboard.

Furnishing for living room-sideboard


living room furniture ideas


Versatility is certainly the main key to reading these innovative products, but they are also a valid alternative in aesthetic terms to the equipped walls sharing modules, elements and finishes.

With the help of an interior decorator you will decide how to furnish your space through these elements: you can in fact combine inside the same room sideboard, cupboard and also a wall equipped using a single finish or colors absolutely Complementary.

3 – Furnish A small living room with the equipped wall

apartment living room ideas

For those who are instead linked to an idea of modern living with a more “traditional” taste, the equipped wall is certainly the most suitable answer to furnish with personality even the spaces of small size.

Compared to a sideboard or a cupboard the equipped wall obviously needs a larger portion of the wall, but thanks to an approach based on molecularity and a high degree of customization, it manages to meet the most disparate needs.

Imagine that you can choose each form and you can have it at your pleasure on the wall identified to become equipped.

Small living room-Sofa and equipped wall

small living room decorating ideas


You Can actually compose your composition piece by piece by moving to the centimeter each element to occupy at best the space at your disposal both on the vertical and horizontal axis.

The Rich Catalogue of Pensarecasa will also allow you to choose elements with different depths, a characteristic that is absolutely functional to an ideal handling of dimensions.

You will have the opportunity to visually lighten your stay by inserting the day modules with metal structure and manage your container needs through cabinets, bases and closed drawers.



4. The extendable table to increase the space if necessary

apartment living room ideas


In case your stay must also fulfill the function of dining room is fundamental in the management of the space also the choice of the table.

To meet this requirement we recommend only one solution: the extendable table.

The extendable table is practically an evergreen, an element used for a long time that has enjoyed a continuous research to propose mechanisms that are always more functional and practical.


5. The small living room becomes big thanks to the carpet

living room furniture ideas


The use of a rug obviously will not physically increase the space available for your stay, but thanks to this element you can make your room feel bigger.

A rug In addition to the obvious feature of completing and enriching your stay can be chosen wisely to deceive the view and contribute significantly to give a better overview of the environment.

To Make your rug succeed in this intent you will have to pay attention to size and color.

Small living room-carpet and table


From the point of view of the measures do not start from the conviction that in a small environment you have to place a small carpet.

In fact it is quite the opposite: a large rug placed in a small living room will make it look wider than the bedroom.

The second aspect is that of color: a tone-on-tone rug or with shades that reflect those of the walls or the rest of the decor will help you to make your living room feel bigger.


5 + 1 The advantage of Pensarecasa to furnish living room

small living room decorating ideas

At the end of the accounts, if the size of a room is those, you can work on better management and organization of the space and on the visual perception of the same.

Just on this aspect falls the bonus trick that we reveal.

The main suggestion to work on the perception of spaces making them look bigger is related to the finishes used to personalize your décor.

Once all this has been done, do not forget that the design of the furnishings and colors must reflect your tastes and your preferences in order to make you feel comfortable in your home. Also, if you've chosen a light shade for the interior, you can combine it with some darker curtains. On the other hand, if the dark tones dominate inside, do not hesitate to choose the light shades for the curtains.

The first thing you have to remember is that, as in the lounges, in the small bedrooms the bedroom furniture does not have to be large and bulky because they will look a little ridiculous inside. Therefore, the size of the bed and its choice must always be based on the size offered by the room.

It Is true that there are refrigerators of different sizes, such as small refrigerators, but surely the functional and practical is important for you, that will choose a refrigerator that allows them to store more food. There is a very important rule in modern cooking and cooking games that deals with the following: Each kitchen set should start or end with a refrigerator.

Before starting to decorate and before choosing furnishings for interiors, they must take into account, first and foremost, the peculiarities that hide small spaces and, secondly, the peculiarities of each particular room. So, the most important thing you have to remember is that in the small interior light, neutral colors are very important to create a sense of space.