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Another interesting and original way to place the table is in the corner, diagonally into the room. In The free space that you will find behind you can place a bedside table and decorate it with some photos and vases. On the other hand, the other furniture that is not intimately related to the bedrooms and the activity that takes place in them, it is better to remove them.

On the other hand, if what you want is to make a game with colors and lights, the best way to get it is to use furniture with decorative accents of a darker tone at the edges and bottom. The upper part must be light-coloured because the light will focus on it.

When we have before our eyes a small bedroom that we have to furnish, it is normal that we start with the most important piece of furniture that must appear inside the bed. However, in many cases people prefer to place a couch without paying attention to some small details that are quite important.