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Canopy for summer Kitchen. If you don't have the opportunity to build a separate kitchen, you can simply make a small canvas shed on the beams, which will be protected from the sun by the heat. Under This canopy, you can put the brazier, the barbecue and a small table where you can relax in the evening. A firmer kitchen requires a close communication position.

Shops. Garden Bench suitable for the garden and the summer kitchen. Can be put in the house. The simplest bench consists of 2 legs and 1 narrow table. The most experienced carpenters can create a summer set: a table and 2 benches set together. This Kit is more stable, so it is also suitable for uneven surfaces.

Summer residents often try to save money on the disposition of the country kitchens. You spend a lot of money on organizing a kitchen in the country, to build a summer version, so when you organize you have to save and do a lot with your own hands.